Division of Journalism

Division of Journalism and Fashion Media advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

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Newsletter Square Ad

Get a clickable ad with your logo and company delivered directly to readers' inboxes. We send two newsletters per month with an average open rate of over 40%. Purchase ad space on a single send, by month, or for the whole semester.

PonyPod - Podcast Mention ad

Be mentioned along with a brief description of your business during our PonyPod podcast, streamed on YouTube and SoundCloud! Limited sponsors are accepted per series. Purchase airtime by each PonyPod series or for the whole semester. PonyPod hosts one series per month, with at least two episodes per series.

Division of Journalism Underwriting

Thank you for supporting student journalism outside the classroom.


SMUDailyCampus.com Sponsored Content

Sponsor your custom content on smudailycampus.com. Include images, links and text in each post. All advertising guidelines apply to copy and linked content.

From $50.00

Fashion Media Underwriting

Thank you for supporting student fashion media journalists outside the classroom.


SMU Look - Print Advertisement (Fall/Winter)

Advertise inside an issue of SMU Look: Hilltop Fashion & Style.

Specs for all ad placements:

  • Resolution - 300dpi or higher
  • Bleed - .25"
  • Color - CMYK
  • File Type - PDF with all text outlined
  • We recommend a .25" safe text area on all sizes to avoid losing text into the fold.

SMU Look - Instagram Sponsorship

Sponsor content on @SMULook's Instagram feed. Try a post with one branded image and up to two hashtags in your post text. Or, maybe a story is more your speed with one branded image or video and one hashtag, one location and one Instagram address in your text. Limited number of sponsored spots available each semester. Advanced editorial review applies.